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VI Encuentro Brasileño y II Encuentro Latinoamericano de nueces y castañas

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Last week, on 16th October 2017 in Sao Paulo of Brazil the ‘VI Encuentro Brasileño y II Encuentro Latinoamericano de nueces y castañas‘ undertitled “Nozes para la vida”, has taken place, annual meeting event organized by the National Industrial Federation of Sao Paulo of Brazil (FIESP) and attended by operators of the nut sector not only from South America but worldwide.

Pino Calcagni, President of Besana Group, has been among the key guest speakers holding a speech in the name of the INC (International Nut Council Foundation), of which he is Vice President and chairs successfully the Scientific Committee . Durante his presentation he has once again enhanced the importance of the international body and its widespread activities around nuts and dried fruit, and has also underlined the importance of the sector in the worldwide nutrition scenario, with an outlook versus a possible increase of consumption as a result of the growing consciousness about the extraordinary healthiness of these products.


South America, as Calcagni has proven with facts and numbers, provoking the applause of the floor, has a primary role in this development.MG_3750

Significant agreements between South American associations and the INC have been envisaged for the near future to valorize more and more the produce from those origins.

Inauguration of “TOP NUT” in Turgen/Almaty in Kazahkstan

The Agricultural Projects, developed and promoted by Besana International Ltd (part of Besana Group), has reached, after months of hard work, uncountable meetings for the necessary agreements, after unexpected barriers brilliantly overcome, notwithstanding meteorological adversities and complicated mentalities, but with a constant and generous approach (in terms of dedication and economic management) of the rural world in the area, a moment of glory.

A first Hazelnut Plant of Excellence has been inaugurated on Friday 8 September 2017 in Turgen (village not far away from Almaty, Kazakhstan).

Its name ‘TOP NUT’ is a clear indication for the aspiration behind the initiative (an authentic pilot project) and the huge expectations regarding the high level of the orchard and the superior quality of its future crops which will be entirely absorbed by the Besana Group.

And we can use the word ‘top’ also to describe the event which has attracted and excited about 120 participants among which personalities from the political and diplomatic world, agriculture experts, farmers of the area and technical consultants.

The success of the event has largely outmatched even optimistic expectations. This is encouraging to pursue on this road which represents for us not only a winning choice regarding future productions and innovation, but has also an important socio-ethical meaning as we give many local farmers big opportunities. Most of them, without Besana’s substantial aid, would have been forced to abandon their fields whilst now they start growing walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, one day maybe pistachios, Pecan nuts, small fruits, etc etc.

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Annual International Tree Nut Meeting of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Beijing

On 2-4 August 2017 the annual International Tree Nut Meeting, organized by the China Chamber of Commerce of Imp & Exp of Foodstuffs, Native Produce & Animal By-Products (CCCFNA) was held in Guangzhou (Guangdong province in Southern China).

The Conference aims at improving exchanges between domestic and international enterprises to promote healthy products and favor the development of the nuts industry.

Experts from over 20 tree nuts producing countries or regions have attended to share their opinions on the global market and discuss policies and future strategies.

As every year, Pino Calcagni was invited for a speech in the name of INC, this time placed in pole position, right after the introduction address of the President of CCCFNA, Mr Bian Zhenhu.

And again INC has been praised for the many efforts for the benefit of the nut world. Compliments for Pino Calcagni whose precious contribution to the conference and the constant assistance to the activity of CCCFNA was particularly praised.


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Besana – racing with success through Central Asia

The Besana Group, sometimes through their sister company Besana International Ltd for agricultural projects, sometimes under the umbrella of the INC (International Nut and Dried Fruit Council Foundation) is constantly on the path looking out for new opportunities and to discover the ample potentials of the Central Asian countries.

An important international Congress on Organic Agriculture, organized by FAO and the United Nations, has taken place on 22-24 August in Tashkent in Uzbekistan, bringing together a widespread floor of participants among which political and institutional representatives, entrepreneurs and experts from the scientific world.

Pino Calcagni was among the key speakers in the name of INC, with a speech that focused on the perspectives of organic nuts and dried worldwide, and in particular on opportunities in Uzbekistan and neighbouring countries.

Applause and compliments for the INC operations and specifically for the engagement and achievements of Pino Calcagni’s faithful effort to reach new horizons for the nut and dried fruit sector.



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